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May 13th, 2013

Firstly, I’ve been working steadily on Blip legend for a few months now. I’ve prototyped lots of puzzle elements and have started building levels. Unity is a dream to work with once you get used to it, especially combined with 2d toolkit. Generally everything is going well, but I haven’t got to the point of […]

(Don’t) show me the money

March 2nd, 2013

Micro-transactions. They’ve been in the news a lot in the last few days. First EA CFO  Blake Jorgensen claimed that “Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business.” Then, after the inevitable community backlash, Cliff Bleszinski jumped into the fray, defending games developers’ right to make money from their products, and calling out the community […]

Start your engines

January 17th, 2013

I’m still a couple of months off starting/ restarting my game in earnest, but I’ve started planning out how I’m going to keep development time to a minimum. My biggest consideration is the engine I will use. Here, I’m fighting a battle. I’m a programmer, and although I’m working hard at being a better game […]

2013 – Looking forwards

January 1st, 2013

And that was 2012. It was something of a consolidation year for me. I finished up my lighting tutorial series, completed my Masters, including a 6 month project writing a Garbage Collector which was my first medium size C++ project, and learnt a lot more about C++, OpenGL, DirectX, Box2D, assembly, programming, and computers in […]

Avast ye!: Piracy

December 22nd, 2012

***Warning: Long opinion post. If you want the tl;dr version, scroll down the bottom for the ‘So what’s the answer?’ section.***   Games are in the news again this week because of the tragic events in the US and the NRA pointing the finger at games (among other media) for glorifying violence. I try and […]

I’m baaaack

November 25th, 2012

Wow, longest break from updating the blog yet! There’s a good reason for that. I spent from March until September working pretty much non-stop on the final Project for my part time Masters, which was a Garbage Collection library designed with Game development in mind (at some point I’ll be open sourcing the code). Since […]

  A question came up on the forums/ twitter about a Linear Burn effect. The basic effect can be defined by the formula Final = Color1 + Color2 – 1, clamped to 0 – 1 as usual. If the two textures you’re using to sample Color1 and Color2 from use the same texture coordinates, then […]

  Well, it’s been a long haul, but we’ve finally got here! In the last part we finished writing our Lighting system and got it to build. Now we can finally start using it. This is also the part where, if you just want to use the system, not understand how it works, then you’ll […]

  Greetings! We’ve come a long way so far, and we have a little way to go yet, but you’ll be pleased to know that this is the last part of the series where we’re actually working on our lighting system. By the end of this post you’ll be able to build your lighting engine […]

  Welcome back! Last time we looked at how to blur a light map to create soft shadows. We were looking at point lights, but actually we use the same method and shaders to blur all of our light maps, not just point lights. In this part we’re moving away from point lights and instead […]

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