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  In the last part of the series we saw how to ‘unwrap’ the rays of a point light onto a texture. In Part 3 we saw how to use blend states to collapse these unwrapped rays into an occlusion map, a 1D texture holding the distance of the closest shadow casting pixel to the […]

    In the last part of this series we outlined the algorithm that our lighting system will be using, as well as writing some of the code for our Light Renderer class. If you haven’t already done you’ll need to go back and work through that part, otherwise I’m afraid this tutorial won’t make […]

  Welcome to the third instalment of this series. In the last part we explained how we will be using light maps to light our scene. In this part we will be talking about the algorithm we will be using to generate these light maps each frame. This algorithm will not only deal with lighting […]

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