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  A question came up on the forums/ twitter about a Linear Burn effect. The basic effect can be defined by the formula Final = Color1 + Color2 – 1, clamped to 0 – 1 as usual. If the two textures you’re using to sample Color1 and Color2 from use the same texture coordinates, then […]

  Well, it’s been a long haul, but we’ve finally got here! In the last part we finished writing our Lighting system and got it to build. Now we can finally start using it. This is also the part where, if you just want to use the system, not understand how it works, then you’ll […]

  Greetings! We’ve come a long way so far, and we have a little way to go yet, but you’ll be pleased to know that this is the last part of the series where we’re actually working on our lighting system. By the end of this post you’ll be able to build your lighting engine […]

  Welcome back! Last time we looked at how to blur a light map to create soft shadows. We were looking at point lights, but actually we use the same method and shaders to blur all of our light maps, not just point lights. In this part we’re moving away from point lights and instead […]

  Last time we figured out how to use our occlusion map to generate a light map for a point light in our scene. Had we altered the XNA rendering code to show us what a typical light map generated looks like, we would have seen something like this: If you click on it to […]

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