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I have 2 updates to share, but the 2nd might have to wait until tomorrow, as it takes a while for new videos to show up on the youtube search.

I’ve been v. busy the past few weeks with prep for exams (I’m taking a Masters in Computer Science in the evenings alongside my day job), so haven’t had a lot of chance to work on Sphero. What I have managed to do is to add parallax layers and a new way of switching mode (with the right thumb-stick, Crysis style).

Here’s a video of the parallax layers (excuse the programmer art…)

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll add in a video of the mode switching tomorrow when it appears on the youtube search.

So what’s next? Well, its finally design time! I’m going to be designing the map in full over the next few weeks, from which I should generate a nice big list of features that need to be added to the engine and the editor, so that I can add the various features of the world to the maps.

I’ll probably upload sketches of the map design during design to give you a flavour of what the finished game will be like, but otherwise its going to be quite quiet until I finish designing and start implementing features.

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