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May 6th, 2011


Ok, so once again I didn’t manage the promised update last week, mostly due to starting a new role at work, but also because I’ve been making steady progress on Sphero. I’ve added transitions from one section of the map to the next, which I’ll upload a quick video of at some point over the weekend (fingers crossed).

I’m also adding a mode to my editor which will let me edit the map as a whole, as well as the individual sections. That will probably take me a little while, and I still need implement the ability to add and edit parallax layers in the editor, so looks like I have some more tools programming ahead of me! Fortunately I can build on the functionality I already have with my editor, so that should make life a lot easier!

After that I think I probably need to knuckle down to some actual designing of the game map, including hazards  obstacles  puzzles. From that I should be able to pull out a list of features that I need to implement in game code/ the editors. Then I’ll need to actually create the basic map.

Then it’ll be on to designing enemies and their abilities, before implementing them in code, and adding them to the maps. By that point I should have a working game, albeit with place holder art and no sound. Art will come next, including graphical effects/ particles/ shaders that will need to be implemented in code, along with scenery, backgrounds, and animations.

Then will come the sound/ music. And then the trimmings, UI, title/ start screens, HUD, along with any other features that I’ve thought of along the way that can be added with little hassle at the end.

So there we go, that’s the rough roadmap for Sphero. Looking at it, if I have it ready for DBP 2012 (assuming there is one), I will be very, VERY impressed with myself… *GULP*

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