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March 5th, 2011

I promised two blog posts today, and for once I’ve exceeded a target!

I just want to post an update on DBP 2011. I’ve decided, rather than try to rush and finish Sphero in time for the June deadline, I took up an offer of a collaboration from one of the devs I follow on twitter.

I’m pretty excited about it, as it’ll be the first collaborative project I’ve worked on.

I won’t give anymore details about the collaboration at this stage, as its really my new team mates gig, but hopefully I’ll be able to post an update in the future.

I’ll still be working on Sphero and Alta (in fact we’ll probably use Alta’s editors in some form for the game), and another project I’ll talk about in a second, but the collaboration will be the focus. You can still expect Sphero to make an appearance at DBP 2012! 🙂

One final note, I’ve started work on a side project, which I’ve dubbed ‘Xnity’. As the name suggests, its a bridge between XNA and Unity, and will consist of some (but not all) of the core xna classes.

The aim is to minimize the number of code changes xna devs need to port their games to Unity, essentially just using Unity as a compatibility layer to reach more platforms than xna offers alone.

It will be an open source project, and I’m hoping other xna/ unity devs will get involved as well.

This is very much a side project, but I’d still like to get through a few classes a week.

Well, that’s plenty of blogging for now, I have work to do!

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