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November 25th, 2012

Wow, longest break from updating the blog yet!

There’s a good reason for that. I spent from March until September working pretty much non-stop on the final Project for my part time Masters, which was a Garbage Collection library designed with Game development in mind (at some point I’ll be open sourcing the code).

Since then I’ve built a new PC and been taking the opportunity to start looking at what I want to do in the game development world from here. I should *hopefully* soon have a pretty good Masters degree in Computer Science, and so soon I’m going to have to make the choice: AAA or indie.

That decision will make decide what projects I focus on from here on in. If I’m aiming to go down the AAA route, I need to spend the next year or so building a solid portfolio (I only have my free time since I have a fulltime day job). The portfolio pieces would probably mostly be C++ tech demos, since the tools/ engine side of programming is where I’d want to end up, but I’d probably need some good gameplay pieces in there as well.

If I go indie then the next step is to jump into my first commercial project. If I continue on solo then that would probably be resurrecting my ‘Sphero’ project in Unity. The other option is to look for an established team or someone else who wants to start something up and has some awesome ideas. That would let me focus on the programming side of things, but comes with the pressure of being responsible for bringing someone else’s vision to life.

So lots of decisions to make. In the meantime I’m honing my programming skills in C++, because whatever I end up doing, knowing a ‘close(ish) to the metal’ language will help me when working in higher level languages. I’ve learnt so much working on my Garbage Collection library about the nitty-gritty of how languages like C++ and C# work under the hood that I don’t want to stop there.

So I’m reading the books I should have read years ago (Stroustrup, Meyers, Sutter, Go4 etc), and diving into DirectX and OpenGL to get a feel for what engines like Unity and frameworks like XNA are actually doing behind the scenes.

All of this means it might be quiet here for a while until I finally decide which way I want to jump.

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